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When you are in a financial bind, you can get same-day loans that will help you out. However, you may require access to funds so in this situation you must connect with the right lender. At this point, is where IAFC steps in. Within minutes of application and submission, you are likely to get your lender which you will be paired with to give you the same-day loan offer of about 10,000 dollars.   

Bad Credit Payday Loans are simply convenient because you can potentially transfer the funds into your account on that same day that you will receive the loan approval. Most times, the same-day loans do have repayment terms that are about several months. Because potential customers can complete their application processing in minutes. It is the perfect option for individuals who need to access emergency funds so that they can sort out every unintended expense.

IAFC operates as a lender finder which potentially links borrowers to available and credible lenders that may provide borrowers with bad credit loans that range between 300 dollars to 10,000 dollars. As a recipient of government benefits, we can still pair you with the right lender that will offer you secured and unsecured loans even as a Centrelink recipient.

Same Day Cash Loans how can they help?

Dealing with a sudden cash need can be tough, especially if you do not have enough saved for the rainy days. Your car could break down all of a sudden, an appliance in your house might need repair or you could be faced with an emergency medical bill. The point is it is an expense that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. When you’re short on funds, same day cash loans can help. With most lenders offering the service online, signing up is easy and could only take a few minutes to complete. There’s no need to submit a mountain of paperwork too since all the supporting documents the lender might require can just be sent online. Most lenders can get a loan application assessed and approved within 60 minutes. Once approved, loans can be funded within the same day or even sooner, depending on your bank.

Same Day Loans, How do Same Day Loans work?

Just the name says the same-day loan offers that you get from lenders online who have the aim of approving your loan and processing it as fast as possible. After approval, expect to get the transfer of funds into your account on the same day that you get the loan contract. If you are in a position where you require instant cash the same day, you can find a lender that will provide fast cash loans for you. However, getting an ideal lender, and going through the tedious application sending process which is time-consuming is not something you look forward to. If you want to access emergency cash loans quickly, use our lender-locator platform as the perfect option for your need.

When you are using the IAFC lender cinder service, remember the steps below:

  1. Enter the intended amount you want to borrow then add the ideal repayment term you want for the loan calculator which you will find at the top right of the page. After entering the details click on Apply Now.  
  2. Then you will fill the online form that follows, submit after completing it and leave it to IAFC to pair you with a suitable credit provider.  
  3. IAFC automated system scans through the variety of loan products that our lender network offers and provides you with an outcome in a matter of minutes. If your application is successful, your paired lender will reach out to you and you can be in direct contact with them. Once they are done assessing your application, you will get a loan offer and after your acceptance, they begin to process your loan. 
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Same Day – Pros and Cons of Getting Loans the Same Day

Quick cash loans can prove to be highly convenient in emergency situations where you need quick access to extra funds and receive the funds immediately. However, as is common with any credit product, they also come with a number of risks. Borrowers are advised to always evaluate these risks as well as consider the benefits present to determine whether it is a loan worth looking into or not.


You can expect the funds in your account on the very same day that the loan gets approved.
Eligibility criteria for these loans are relatively easier to fulfill compared to the requirements set by traditional lenders.
Fees, rates and charges are capped by the authorities
Repayment is simple and can be done via direct debit for your convenience


The shorter repayment terms and bad credit risk may lead to higher rates and fees.
Any missed payment can easily lead to even more debt and will badly reflect on your credit history

IAFC’s Past Customers

If you ever find yourself in a financial bind, your first instinct may be to start searching online for payday loans you can take advantage of. However, you shouldn’t; really limit your options unnecessarily.

At IAFC, we take pride in being able to extend help to thousands of people across the country to get access to finance fast.

Our lender partners may be able to offer small unsecured loans, payday loan alternatives or even larger ones with security involved.

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Application Process & Get Cash the Same Day – Same day online loans

As a lender-locator service, we make it easy, stress-free and quick to find cash loans for your emergency cash needs and receive the funds immediately.

After completing the streamlined loan application process on the site, we will work towards locating the right lender for you. If you get you paired successfully with a creditor, they will then proceed to carry out an evaluation of your application. Once you meet their requisites, they will get in touch with you and offer you a loan contract, which you have the option to either accept or reject.

Note that the offers you get from lenders may not necessarily be the same loan product you initially applied for. This is because lenders will have to base their offers on your financial standing, your current needs, and how much risk they are willing to take, there’s also the fact that they will need to assess how creditworthy you are.

In some instances, you may receive the funds you are borrowing into your account on the same day that your loan application got approved. But this would be highly dependent on the lender you’re paired with as well as the processing time of the bank you’re associated with.

Apply for Cash Loans – Improving your chances at getting approved for same day loans

These days, everybody is used to getting what they want instantly. Whilst it is certainly possible to receive your cash on the same day that you have sent your application, there is no guarantee that it will happen every time. Every lender has their own process. There are also factors that can potentially influence the length of time it would take for a lender to process, approve and complete the loan application. Here are some things that can increase the chances of you getting your finds faster:

Provide accurate information

By providing the lenders with accurate information during the application process, lenders don’t need to have to delay the assessment process just to chase you up for other supporting documents. So, making it right the first time will help speed things up.

Submit application during business hours

Lenders usually have specific business hours when they can evaluate a loan application. Whilst it’s true that they may allow you to send in your application any time, you have to remember that they may only be able to assess these applications within their normal operating hours. There maybe instances however where they can offer weekend payday loans.

Keep your mobile phone close at all times

Make sure your mobile phone is accessible during the assessment process. See to it that your email address will be easily accessible as well. The faster you can respond to the questions your lender might ask, the sooner they will be able to complete the evaluation process.

Also, note that you might not be able to get an outcome of your application beyond office hours, on the weekend as well as during public holidays.

Same day, Get Loans – Easy Approval Cash Loans

Life can throw a curveball when you least expect it and unexpected expenses can pop out every once in a while. Unfortunately, there are instances when expenses come your way when you’re least prepared for them. In the event that you experience something of the same sort, IAFC is in the best position to assist you.

Did your car break down? Do you have a loved one who decided to hold an overseas wedding and there are travel costs for you to cover? Do you need extra access to funds to help cover a rental bond? Regardless of the reason, if you need to get access to online lenders fast, you can get away with the usual hassle by seeking out the services that IAFC offers.

We’re experts at locating lenders and we work with a network of creditors to see if they may be able to assist you.

Forget having to scour the online platform just to find the right credit provider to assist you. You won’t even need to bother having to send in multiple applications to multiple lenders. You can make life easier by sending just a single application through IAFC and we will take care of the rest for you.

Do note that whether your loan gets approved or not will be the discretion of the lender. Hence, IAFC cannot guarantee that it will be approved.

Loan Application – Things to remember before sending in your same day loan application

In certain instances, same day loans can help serve as an instant cash injection if you wish to address a financial emergency. However, they aren’t always ideal for everybody. This is why, before sending in your online application, make sure to consider the following:

Your finances

Have an idea how much it would cost you to repay the amount you intend to borrow. Ask yourself if the figures are reasonably affordable for you after having your current income and expenses taken into consideration.

Charges and fees

Is the lender upfront in terms of the associated charges and fees involved with the loan? Find out exactly too, what their policies are when it comes to missed or late repayments.


This will generally be reflected as a percentage of what the loan amount is. Rates tend to differ from one lender to another. It can also be influenced by your credit history and whether you opted for a secured or an unsecured loan.


Find out if you meet the criteria the lender has set as far as qualifying for the loan goes. In addition, there are lenders who don’t mind lending money to poor credit borrowers and there are also those that might consider poor credit history to be non-negotiable.

Loan purpose

Many times, people that take out a same day loan do so to cover an emergency expense. It’s not always ideal that you should consider getting a loan to address these financial matters every time. You’ll find that there are a variety of alternatives that are out there that can offer you a means to address your emergency need without having to resort to credit.


Find out if the loan has a variable or fixed rate. See too if they will allow you to make early repayments and find out if they will charge an extra fee for that.

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Qualification for a Loan – Do I qualify for an online same-day cash loan?

In order to use our lender locator service, there are certain eligibility criteria that you first need to meet. Before IAFC can start locating a lender who can assist you, make sure that the following criteria are met:

  • You’re 18 years and older
  • You’re an Australian permanent resident or a citizen
  • You have a working mobile number and an active email address
  • You have an active bank account under your name that is set up for online banking
  • Can offer proof that you have been receiving income for at least the last 3 months

Consumers that can meet the eligibility criteria above shouldn’t hesitate to lodge an application on the IAFC site.

What documents do I need to apply?

Consumer law in the country requires that credit providers should look into your financial situation first before approving your loan application. In addition, lenders also have to make sure that you have a regular income that will allow you to pay for the repayments.

In addition, be prepared to provide the lenders with the following details:

  • Your banking information
  • Payslips as proof your employment or payslips from Centrelink
  • Statements for your rental property
  • Statements for your utility bills
  • 100 identification points

Do note that IAFC offers state of the art, smart applications which makes it easier to provide all the necessary information. It is also possible for our system to access the details we need digitally to avoid causing you any stress in the process.

Lodge an online application in minutes

At IAFC, we are aware that people looking for same day online loans are going to find the quickest route possible for them to get access to extra funds. These borrowers do actually mean to get their loans processed, approved and the funds released to them on the very same day. This is why IAFC has designed our process to be streamlined and simplified.

Below are tips on how you can find lenders offering same day loans with IAFC:

Step 1— Apply Online

Sending an application online is hassle-free and easy. Just scroll up the page and locate the loan calculator and put in the amount you wish to borrow along with your preferred repayment terms.

IAFC can then find the right lenders that will offer quick same-day loans that can potentially allow you to borrow between $300 and $10000. Bear in mind that repayment terms will be dependent on the amount of loan you are getting.

Step 2— Relax and let us do the work

After you have completed the online form, we will take care of the rest. Our automated system will
Scan the hundreds of loan products that our lender partners offer to locate a lender that will offer the kind of loan you are looking for. It would only take us minutes to get an outcome for your loan application. Once we find the right lender for you, we will let you know via text or email. Just make sure that you check your notifications.

Step 3— Meet your lender

Your lender will then get in touch with you and all communications will be directly with them. They will then send you a copy of the loan contract which you can review. If you agree with all the terms specified on there, you can sign the contract and they will then complete the process. Most of the time, they will get the funds transferred to your account on the same day the contract was approved although the length of time for the money to get reflected in your balance will depend on the transfer times of your bank.

Typically, your loan should be there in your account on the same day or at the least on the next business day.

Check Your Credit – Is bad credit same day loan possible?

Everybody can stumble financially at some point and these mistakes may cause your credit history to take a hit. Unfortunately, your credit score is going to really haunt you for a while— specifically, up to 7 years.

If you have stumbled in the past which led to a less than perfect credit score, you’ll naturally feel that the choices available for you may be quite limited.

Whilst traditional lenders and banks may be hesitant to let you borrow money when your credit isn’t perfect, there will always be alternatives out there. A lot of short term lenders may be more than willing to offer you a loan and will look past your less than ideal credit report.

IAFC can help get you connected with these lenders. In the event that you have a rather poor credit history, IAFC can help you save time in finding the right lender with the right loan products appropriate for your needs.

Can IAFC find a no credit check same day loan for me?

If you’re in search of no credit check online loans, you might feel as if your credit score is way too low that it might hinder you getting an approval.

As a lender locator, IAFC cannot guarantee that we will find you a lender that isn’t going to carry out a credit assessment.

If your credit history is poor, it shouldn’t be reason enough to discourage you from sending in an application. After all, whilst you may have made missteps in the past which led to your credit record becoming less than perfect today, this doesn’t mean that you are the same financially incapable and irresponsible person. This is why IAFC may be able to get you paired with a lender that can consider your dismal credit rating and instead look into your actual financial standing now to assess your relationship with money and determine whether you’re worth lending money to or not. With this, they may still be able to offer you a bad credit cash loan.

I need a same day low-interest loan

IAFC works with a variety of lenders that will offer highly competitive interest rates. Bear in mind however that we’re only a lender locator and are unable to offer any guarantee as far as interest rates go.

Our costs page contains a lot of information regarding the figures you should expect to pay. This will only be a rough guide, however, but should at least offer you some insight on how much the costs are going to be. Also, checking out the individual lender’s cost page will give you more comprehensive information.

Note that if you do send out a loan application today, lenders are likely going to subject you to additional charges and fees along with the principal and interest.

Can I get a quick loan over the weekend?

IAFC’s 100% free online service is accessible for you wherever you are and whenever you wish to. However, since we will only be receiving your applications during business hours, if you send in an application over the wakened, it might take us the next business day to give you an outcome.

Also, when your loan gets approved, the funds may only be transferred to your account on the next business day. This is because banks don’t really operate on weekends. So, for those loan contracts that got approved on a Friday, it may take until Monday for the funds to get transferred to your account.

It would help to contact your lender directly as well to find out more detailed information regarding how they will process funds transfer to your account when you have been given the green light.

Is it safe for me to give IAFC my bank details?

In the application, we will be asking you for a read-only copy of your banking credentials. It is only natural for you to be a bit wary since these are very sensitive details, after all.

Be assured, however, that we are currently utilizing the most sophisticated banking technology in order to secure copies of your bank statement. They will be read-only and will allow us to get potential lenders to get a better understanding of where your finances stand at present. When potential lenders can see that there is regular income coming into your account, even with a bad credit score, they may still consider approval. This is especially true if they can see that you are receiving a sufficient figure to cover your expenses and the repayment costs of what you’re borrowing.

Also, IAFC has teamed up with tech giants Comodo and McAfee, who are well known for their security products, to ensure that all of your banking and personal details are properly safeguarded and secured. Also, your banking details will all be encrypted when you will put them in. This means that nobody will see the information you have entered.

Can IAFC find a same day loan for pensioners?

Pensioners may possibly secure a loan approval through UAFC’s network of lenders. We work with a wide array of lenders that offer a myriad of loan products and some of them may be willing to offer loans to pensioners and will consider pension payments as a regular income source. If they can see that the future loan repayments can easily fit into the income you are getting from your pension, they may be more than happy to consider approval.

For this to work, however, they will need to see proof that you have at least been regularly getting these pensions for the last 3 month, also, approval will be at the discretion of the lenders and IAFC will not guarantee that you will be given the green light for the amount you intend to borrow.

Are you receiving benefits from the government? We can help you!

If you’re getting Centrelink benefits, it is still possible to secure a loan approval. Whilst other traditional lending institutions may likely refuse to offer any loans to applicants that are getting benefits from Centrelink, IAFC works with lenders who will be more than happy to get things done differently.

If you’ve been getting payments from Centrelink into your bank account for at least 3 months, it’s still possible to secure an approval. Therefore, if you’re looking for $300-$10000 loans that can get approved on the same day and you’re on Centrelink, IAFC may be able to locate a lender for you.

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Are there same day cash loans for unemployed borrowers?

There may be.

IAFC may help facilitate matching you with a lender that can offer a same day loan for people on Centrelink. Even if you’re unemployed but are still getting Centrelink payment, these unemployed loans may be accessible for you.

It’s important that you remember about how approval for these types of loan aren’t certain.it will not be guaranteed. It is always up to the lender to decide whether to grant you a loan or not, based on your current circumstances. This is especially true if you are receiving benefits from the government. Even when you are unemployed, as long as the lender’s criteria have been successfully met, they may still consider getting your loan application approved.

This is why before submitting an application, always check out what options are available for you first. Whilst personal loan do help you get access to quick cash, it isn’t always the best choice with regards to your circumstances. So, looking around and checking out your options is essential.

Same day emergency loans

Are you in need of no credit check emergency cash for unemployed borrowers? Are you having a financial issue but your credit history is less than spotless?

IAFC works with a network of lenders that can offer personal loan $300 to $10000 that can get approved on the same day.

IAFC can help find you a lender for every situation

After having been in the industry for so long, IAFC has successfully built a network of lenders that can offer you the kinds of loan products you need for the specific situation you are in. However, these same-day loans can be further divided into certain categories.

Same day small loans

Small personal loans are generally between $300 and $2000 and will usually have a repayment term of up to a year. All of these loans tend to be unsecured which will allow you to borrow money without any need to put in an asset to be used as collateral.

Same day medium loans

These loans are generally between $2100 and $4600 and usually have a repayment term of 13 to 24 months. Medium loans tend to be secured so lenders may need you to offer collateral when applying for this particular product. IAFC works with a network of lenders who will be happy to accept a motorbike, car, boat or caravan as loan collateral.

Same day large loans

Valued at $5000 to $10000, they have a repayment term of up to a year. These are also secured loans hence will require collateral from the borrower.

Can IAFC find payday loans?

IAFC may not essentially match you with a payday lender that doesn’t carry out a credit check.

Also referred to as cash advance, payday loans are known for their short repayment term. At IAFC, we will instead work towards finding a lender that can offer you personal loan of as high as $10000.

How can I apply for a same day payday loan?

IAFC may be able to lend you a hand in getting the services of a payday lender. However, if what you’re aiming for is a same-day personal loan, we may be able to work something out for you. IAFC works with creditors that can get your loan processed on the very same day as the contract is approved.

Note that getting access to the loan funds will be dependent on the transfer times of your bank.

Same day payday loans guaranteed approval

We understand that you might prefer to get cash loans fast. However, guaranteed approval schemes aren’t really the answer.

Australian legislation has made it impossible for lenders to legally offer loan products with guaranteed approval. Instead, they are required to carefully assess all loan applications to ensure that the borrower is indeed suitable for the loan product they are offering and they are capable of paying it back. The law is all about protecting borrowers from getting taken advantage of lenders and to prevent them from getting offered something they can’t really afford to repay.

This is why if you do encounter lenders that offer guaranteed approval, steer clear from them. Instead of doing business with lenders that carry out this dodgy practice, submit your loan application via the IAFC platform instead. We only work with credible and legitimate lenders so you can trust that every single creditor we will pair you with will follow the legalities by the book. With this, you can trust that they are going to be highly responsible.

Responsible lending practices

We work with lenders that take their lending obligations seriously. They will always make sure that every borrower has met their established criteria before they will approve any loan application.

You can learn more about responsible lending obligations by checking out the ASIC website.

Same day bad credit quick loans— What are they?

Whether you’re looking for a small loan, a short term loan or something larger, IAFC can help. You can even use your same day loan once it gets approved to cover for just about any kind of expense.

When you decide to apply for a quick cash loan at IAFC, among the most common expenses you can use the funds for include:

  • Travel loans
  • Rental bond
  • Car repairs and maintenance
  • Bills and other expenses
  • Replacement technology or appliances

Even when your specific expense isn’t listed, it’s quite alright as most lenders are likely to accept a range of other expenses as a legit reason for the loan you are taking out.

A warning on borrowing

Before sending in an application for a same-day loan, be sure to seek information about potential options that will allow you to get access to extra funds. Even when you’re getting government benefits, you may still be able to qualify for a Centrelink advance.

Also, the Moneysmart website can show you more details about small loans and can even offer you helpful suggestions when it comes to getting access to credit.

If you’re getting benefits or if you’re a low-income earner, you can consider these options first before sending in any loan application.

On matters concerning repayments

Repayments are generally simple these days. You can just have a direct debit set up with the lenders so they can automatically deduct your payments from your account. This prevents you from ever missing any repayment and will ensure that they are going to be paid on time, every time.

Repayments for your loan will be directly deducted off your account in accordance with your repayment schedule. Depending on the creditor, you may be given the option to make monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments. The direct debit setup should be done after the final repayment has been successfully made.

In the event that you can’t afford an upcoming repayment because of an unforeseen event, always make sure to let your lender know ahead of time. If you provide them with ample notice and can offer a suitable explanation as to why you cannot make the repayment this time. They may be able to help get the payment rescheduled and not charge you any additional fee.

In the event that you experience a dramatic change in your financial circumstances, a financial hardship is one option you should consider.

Financial hardship— What is it?

Financial hardships are an option you can consider in the event that your financial circumstances change drastically that it is now going to be impossible for you to make your repayments. It could be that you lost your job or you got injured— regardless of the reason, it is a situation where it may not be possible for you to make the repayments.

Lenders have their own hardship departments that handle problems like these. To apply for financial hardship, you should:

  1. Contact your lender via email or phone
  2. Inform them that you wish to apply for a financial hardship
  3. Provide them evidence of your hardship. This could be:
    • Medical certificate
    • Bank statements
    • Certificate of separation from your employer
  4. Lenders will assess the claim
  5. A hardship adjustment may be offered based on the evidence you provided

Get in touch with IAFC

Same day loans can get confusing sometimes. To make it easier for you, we will be more than happy to answer any inquiries. Just email us at hello@iafc.com.au.

After receiving your email, a customer service representative will contact you along with a response to all the queries and concerns you have raised.

Note that IAFC can only answer questions related to our lender locator service. Make sure that you will address your questions concerning same day cash loans directed to your lender.

Send in an application today!

Once you’re ready to send in your application, just scroll on up and key in your details on the loan calculators on the IAFC website. If you apply within business hours, you can expect a response within an hour.

If you have further questions, you can refer to our FAQs or you can give us a call and get in touch with us directly.

You can also get in touch with us via our social media profiles.

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1. Subject to application being approved by the lender. Not all lenders are able to provide up to $5000

2. Subject to lenders requirements and approval. The time that it takes for the cash to be received in your account will depend on your bank’s policies and procedures. 

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