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Personal Loans Australia

Trying to get money for you to be able to quickly reach your goals and easily. There is the option of taking out personal loans, also you can grab the opportunity of a lifetime that may not be accessible if you don’t take from your savings or wait for a few more years. Credit providers get money from the interest and some other charges that they put on personal loans. The interest is connected directly to the loan amount and the extra fees come from the loan administration costs.  Although in the case of certain loan providers, the same principle applies. That is, the experience of taking out the loan is different according to lenders when you consider factors like the loan amount, the amount of interest, and other charges also for customer service.

From the beginning, IAFC aims to provide every customer with a degree of quality customer experience. We have the mission to help potential borrowers to attain their goals by assisting them to get easy and fair access to payday loan alternatives

Personal Loans

Different Purposes Of Personal Loans

These personal loans are used for different purposes as much as possible. With IAFC, a lot of our emergency cash loans are used for reasons such as car loans, home repairs and renovations, home decorations, and consolidating debts. Whatever your reason for borrowing money, be sure that we can help you. 

Unsecured loans the low down

The high appeal of unsecured loans lies in the fact that it does not expose a borrower to the risk of losing a property or an asset if he’s no longer able to make the repayments. When a loan is unsecured, the lender does not require the borrower to present collateral to secure the loan and to approve it. However, it does come with certain downsides. For one, the amount you will be allowed to borrow tends to be significantly limited due to the absence of collateral.  In addition, since the lender faces a much higher risk in the event that you are unable to make the repayment, they will want to offset this. To do so, they will typically impose more expensive borrowing rates and loan fees. Also, loan approval will be banked heavily on your credit score and your current income, so it can be a problem when your credit is bad

Between A Personal Loan And Other Loan Products

Apart from personal loans, you can also borrow money through other means including hire purchase, no credit check buy now pay later, no credit check loans, credit and store cards. When choosing between loan products, consider the following.

Loan Amount

Personal loans can range from a hundred dollars to several thousand. IAFC loan amounts start from $100 – $5000. This makes our loans suitable for a wide range of purposes that may be a challenge to get in savings for a reasonable period. In some instances we can provide same day loans up to $10,000

A personal loan is similar to bad credit credit cards and hire purchases borrowing option but for smaller amounts, they are similar to buy now pay later or store cards. 

Interest Rates And Fees

Depending on your lender, interest rates and fees are not constant. It is better that you do a proper finding on your loan providers before you choose one. 

At IAFC, we are open about our interest rates and fees on personal loans so that you can make the right choice before you choose a lender. 

A major difference between IAFC and other lenders is that our interest rates are personalized. From your loan application, we will give you loan terms that are related to your situation. These are often referred to as risk-based interest rates. 

For some lenders, they operate with the same interest rate for every customer. Because the rates are not based on each individual it could be beneficial to borrowers with higher risk and not helpful for those with lower risk. 

At IAFC, we strive to maintain straight forward fees that are easily comprehensible. Unless a borrower defaults in payment time, they only pay one fee instead of double fees where applicable. 

In some cases, credit cards and personal loan providers may require monthly fees on account or for additional fees, which makes the loan cost. Hence, you need to find out the total loan cost when choosing between loan products. Although you may be drawn to a lower interest rate there may be other fees that could add up to become huge. When you apply to get a loan quote from IAFC, from the start, we will share the total loan costs so you can be aware of how much taking a loan online would cost sooner

Loan Term

The repayment period often differentiates the borrowing options. For personal loans, there is a fixed highest repayment period that determines monthly repayments. 

IAFC offers a maximum loan term of between 3 to 5 years. This assures you full repayment at the end of the loan term if you maintain the scheduled monthly repayments. You can also pay back your loan earlier without being penalized. That is you can pay your loan back in full in a year or two instead of 3 to 5 years and save money from paying interest fees with no penalty. 

Differently, credit cards don’t include a loan term but there are a credit limit and a minimum amount for monthly repayments. If you lack management and discipline you may have more than you can handle on credit cards which will take more time and organization to fully pay back the balance on your credit card. Sometimes, you may need to consolidate your debts to get off your credit card debts.

Low Interest Loans

Reasons Why People Use A Personal Loan

You can easily understand online quick loans more than credit cards or other types of customer credit services. With a personal loan from IAFC, you will get a loan quote from us that will show you total loan costs for easy comparison and help you plan your budget accordingly. 

Personal loans may be flexible with IAFC, we can spread your repayments to cover 3 to 5 years and the opportunity to pay back your loan in full before the end of your term without getting any extra charges. 

The Cons of A Personal Loan

It may be more complicated to apply for a personal loan in Australia traditionally. You may be required to attend long physical meetings with your loan providers. For lenders’ and borrowers’ protection, you may be required to provide identity and finance proofs. 

IAFC makes the whole loan process easier and faster with a 100% online application which allows you to avoid these meetings. Your documentation is simple and straightforward with our automated credit files and other financial records retrieval. 

Personal loans involve a legally backed agreement with financial requirements from both the borrower and the credit provider. Ensure that you have a good understanding before you take a personal loan or any other credit options to determine if you can afford to pay back the loan. After a loan application with IAFC, and you change your mind or you no longer need the money, you may cancel your application within 7 days and you won’t be penalized.

We understand that your situation may change and anything can happen during your loan term. In case of any challenges, or it is affecting your financial balance, please talk to our IAFC’ Customer Support Team. We are always here to help you out of your financial burden


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